Yassine Atari is a photographer born, raised and based in Antwerp, Belgium. He did several projects for Vranckx (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization) and some newspapers. He became a member of the Flemish Association of Journalists (VVJ) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in 2017.

His specialties are the refugee crisis, travels, protests and other conflict situations. He got inspired to do this line of duty after spending time in refugee camps at the Syrian border with war photographer, Tom Daams. Yassine kept traveling and covering stories ever since.
He managed to get to the Rohingya refugees to collect their stories, experienced and covered the Brussels attacks first hand, wrote a story about life after the earthquake in Nepal, photographed protests in Morocco, helped filming and reporting a documentary about unaccompanied refugee minors in Italy for the Belgian National TV, and so on.

His love to take risks, to go further where others pull the plug and his knowledge of different languages (English, Arabic, Berber, Dutch and French) makes that he can get deep into his subjects. He is quickly trusted and can get very close to the people he works with. His past as a humanitarian worker and friendship with several NGO’s ensures that he can easily work and get into regions other journalists struggle to.
Yassine Atari is available for assignments. See the contact page for more information.